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Based on the basic quality definition, we can summarise WatMan quality more specifically as:

  • satisfaction of customers needs
  • suitability for intended use and purpose
  • performance according to a prescribed standard or specification
  • no missing or malfunctioning parts or early failures
  • availability at competitive price, but with profitability
  • constant upgrading of the quality and the quality levels

Poor quality means a deviation from the prescribed standard or specification. In other words, the product (or service) does not do what it is supposed to. Quality control entails the prevention, detection and correction of product or service defects that could lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The main objectives of quality control can be described as maintaining design standards, meeting customers’ specifications, determining personnel effectiveness and detecting and correcting defective products or services. We understand that quality control is a set of processes used to monitor the performance of the system. The final goal of quality control is naturally to maintain the promised level. We also understand that loss can mean maintenance and repair costs, operating costs, customer dissatisfaction and/or injuries caused by poor design.

We believe in total quality management. Our aim is for everyone in the organisation to understand customer expectations and to meet those expectations every time. We understand that we can ultimately achieve lower production and operating costs, and hopefully attract more customers. We expect our subcontractors to act in the same manner as we do, and only use components and services of a high quality. To maintain and control a high quality in individual projects, we always form a project organisation. The customer often plays a major role in this organisation.

The most important part, however, is to feel personal responsibility for the customer.

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